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My name is Kay Hougaard. In my daily life I work as a healer, coach, and CEO of the alternative treatment center in Risskov near Aarhus in Denmark. I am married, and the father of two adult twin boys.

I write this book on ADHD, ADD, and sensitivity because I myself was a child who had a lot of energy. At that time, ADHD was not a widespread diagnosis; otherwise I would definitely have had it. Based on my own experiences and my observations of others, I have a thorough understanding and knowledge of ADHD and ADD that others don’t have. This knowledge is at least not published anywhere else.

ADHD and ADD are in fact not diseases or illnesses at all, although many believe they are. If you or your child are sensitive and have been diagnosed with ADHD or ADD, this is actually an indication of a higher development and a different understanding of the World. In this book, you can read more about why you or your child is different from others, and which skills you or your child have that others don’t have. If you are sensitive and have been diagnosed with ADHD or ADD, you can benefit from reading Section 5 in the Book. In the section I explain what ADHD and ADD actually are, and I give advice and instructions on how to handle everyday challenges, when you are a sensitive person. You will also realize, how easy it is to gain an effortless life once you understand ADHD, ADD, and sensitivity.


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